About Salita

About Salita Rose

Hey Beauty!

Welcome to my website!

My name is Salita Rose and I am a licensed cosmetologist and certified makeup artist. I’m a native of Memphis, Tennessee where I started my career but now I live and work in Atlanta, Georgia as a Beauty and Hair Specialist.

Today, I have over 10 years’ experience working with women and men of all ages, ethnicities and backgrounds. I also have a YouTube beauty channel with almost ten thousand subscribers, where I help you learn more about applying makeup, doing hair and reviewing different products.

Beauty is something I am truly passionate about! Makeup and hair are more than just products and tools, it’s an experience. It’s like an instant confidence booster and my goal is to make sure you look and feel as beautiful as you are!

I hope you enjoy my site, and reach out if you’re in need of any services!

Ask a Question: salitarosebeauty@gmail.com

Licensed Cosmetologist & Certified Makeup Artist

Salita received her professional education in makeup and cosmetology.

Over 1000 Clients Helped

Since 2010, Salita has provided beauty and hairstyling for over 1,000 clients!

Professional YouTube Influencer

Salita has a following of almost 10,000 subscribers on YouTube that rely on her for beauty tips and tricks.

Experience With Major Movie Productions

Salita has worked on the set of several major movie and commercial productions.

Follow Salita on YouTube

Salita has an extensive presence on Instagram and YouTube, where she regularly shares updates, tutorial videos, client photography, and other tips and tricks to help her followers enhance their makeup and beauty game! View her YouTube channel below, and keep scrolling to view her Instagram!

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I'm excited to start working with you! Click below to learn more about my beauty services and past experience, and schedule an appointment or submit a question once you're ready to move forward! I can't wait to connect with you!


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